When you need industrial cleaning

When most of us think of industrial cleaning, we might just think of out of control floor polishers, but in fact industrial cleaning can be a dangerous and highly specialised field.

What is industrial cleaning?

As the name suggests, industrial cleaning provides a range of services for industry. Because industry itself is such a wide term, industrial cleaning can range from cleaning sewerage lines to grease traps, hazardous chemicals to laboratory materials. Because of the hazards many industrial cleaning jobs present, it's important that industrial cleaners be fully certified in their field.

Industrial cleaning certification to look for

This depends largely on the type of cleaning. For instance, for the clearing of sewerage lines, it's important that the cleaners be certified plumbers with experience in operating high pressure water cleaners. For other operations where there may be biohazards or dangerous chemicals, the cleaning company will have to be up to speed on all the codes and OH&S practices involved in their safe disposal.

For example, old paints and solvents must be disposed of by a fully licensed contractor. The removal of asbestos, a highly dangerous job for even the professionals, must also be carried out by a licensed contractor. These two groups of chemicals, while both dangerous to the environment and people, require very different, specialist approaches in their disposal.

If you are unsure what type of license is needed by a contractor, you can find out through your local council or the Department of Environment and Climate Change. Just be aware that rules may change between the various levels of government, so start with your local council first.

What happens if I don't dispose of waste correctly?

There are a wide range of harmful effects for both people, the land and water streams is waste is not handled properly. You can find information on waste services at the NSW government website. For example, car batteries dumped into landfill not only contaminate solid municipal waste - which can then no longer be recycled - but also contaminates the surrounding groundwater. In this case, it is important that mechanic shops get involved in car battery recycle programs to ensure landfill dumping is avoided.

Licensed industrial cleaners are not only an important part of keeping our environment healthy, but also ensure you don't run into any trouble. The dumping of hazardous waste can lead to hefty fines or even the closure of your business. If in doubt, consult your local council about the appropriate measure to take.

How do you find certified industrial cleaning services? Read about accreditation & finding industrial cleaners here.
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