Kitchen Renovation Review

Kitchen Renovation Review

Undertaking a kitchen renovation can be a daunting task. You need to decide on a design that fits in with the rest of the house, work out a budget, and coordinate the work with builders, designers, electricians, plumbers and of course the rest of the family. Having a kitchen out of action in part for up to two months can be a major inconvenience.

Kitchen Design – Phase One

Drawing up a mud map or rough plan of the existing kitchen will allow you to go away and start working on your new kitchen design. Take note of where all power outlets, plumbing, doors and windows are.

When starting the new kitchen design, ensure you consider the rest of the house. Are you planning on renovating other rooms or not? Having a kitchen design that sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the house is not a good look.

Once you’re happy with the design, contact an experienced kitchen renovator or architect. They will then organise an inspection and often provide you with an obligation free quote. Try and be as clear as possible when you tell them what you want.

Remember, you want a kitchen that looks great and is also functional. Good architects, Interior designers and kitchen renovators have years of experience and its worth asking for their opinion.

The next step is to coordinate with your electricians, plumbers and renovation contractors. Agree on a suitable schedule, time and costs.

Kitchen Renovation – Phase Two

After a full clean out and removal of crockery, utensils, food, cleaning products and appliances, you are ready to get the contractors in. Now the key structural remodelling can take place. If you are removing a wall or adding a window for instance, it is far safer to employ a licensed builder. They are experienced and are also covered by insurance.

Calling in the electrician is next, where they will perform the necessary changes to power outlets, rewiring and new light fittings. You can also have the plumber in at this time, to shift water pipes, gas and drains.

Installation of new kitchen benches, stone tops and splashbacks is carried out by the kitchen renovator after plumbing and electrical wiring is complete.

Putting down a solid, hardwearing floor is essential; whether it’s wooden floorboards, tiles or any other surface that is conducive to high traffic and spill resistance.

Cupboards and other storage systems can be fitted next. The renovator will handle this task. If they are in a prefabricated kitchen flat pack, the setup will be straightforward. If you have the cabinets specially built by a carpenter, coordinate a time to deliver the items when your renovator can fit them. Then you can add in the sinks, taps and finishes.

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Kitchen Renovation Review